Fields of professional activities
LOMB ENGINEERING activities include the following:
  • Highway and road design
  • Traffic and transportation investigation
  • Crude oil transportation facilities – storage and refinery plants
  • Water treatments
  • Civil engineering
  • Surveying
  • Soil and material investigations
  • Supervision
  • Feasibility studies
Highway and road design
  • Elaboration of lay-out planes
  • Investigation of different alternatives by vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Roadlighting
  • Quantities and cost estimates
  • Preparation of tender documents
Traffic and transportation
  • Studies about traffic volume
  • Traffic and transportation investigation
  • Solving of transportation problems
  • Design of masterplans
  • Civil engineering
  • Traffic signal plants
  • Design of road networks and road system
  • Traffic noise prognosis
Crude oil transportation faxilities–storage
and refinery plants
  • Market and demand studies
  • Preliminary and final design for:
  • Crude oil and natural gas pipelines
  • Pump stations
  • Pressure-relief stations
  • Pressure-control stations
  • Crude oil, gas and finished products tank farms
  • Shiploading and unloading plants
  • Filling- and unloading facilities for railroad and truck transportation
Water Treatement
  • Water supply and water treatment plants
  • Sewer networks
  • Sewage treatment plants (mechanical and biological purification)
  • Water treatments
  • Regulation of water courses
  • Irrigations systems
  • Soil and material investigations
  • Supervision
  • Feasibility studies
Soil and material investigations
  • Supervision for highway and road constructions, industrial
    and housing projects
  • Time schedule for construction periods
Feasibility Studies
  • Benefit cost calculations
  • Highway investment programs
Civil engineering
  • Pedestrian bridge construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Design of dyke construction
  • Aerial survey and mapping in co-operation
  • Ground control for aerial survey
  • Triangulation, determination of distances by electronic equipment
  • Traverse lines:
  • Traverse lines
  • Tacheometric survey
  • Detail survey for design works
  • Mapping